Unlocking Dyslexia

Tutoring, advocacy, and educational consulting services

Dyslexia Tutoring

One-on-one dyslexia remediation video tutoring

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504 & IEP

504 and IEP development , implementation and advocacy

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Executive Function Coaching

Organization, planning and study skills

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What is dyslexia?


Dyslexia is a specific learning disability which:

  • is characterized by impaired phonemic awareness; in other words, the ability to hear, identify and manipulate sounds
  • often impairs accurate and fluent word recognition, as well as sound to symbol connections, reading comprehension, and overall reading experience
  • is often unexpected in comparison to other cognitive abilities
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Can't this wait?


  • 40% of those struggling with reading in the fourth grade level  will be on welfare at some point
  • 80% of those in the juvenile justice system have a learning disability.
  • 80% of high school drop outs have learning disabilities
  • 50-80% of inmates in our prison system have learning disabilities
  • over a third of dyslexics in the school system will drop out of high school
  • 50-60% of juveniles in alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers today have dyslexia
  • 80% of notes left by teen suicide victims are replete with spelling errors  Tim Conway, The Morris Center
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Our Philosophy

"It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find any other disability affecting so many millions of children in the United States today, on which so much research has been done, so many thousands of articles written and yet concerning which so very little information has reached the average teacher or physician to say nothing of the parents and the public.  These children are as handicapped by the ignorance surrounding their problem as they are by the problem itself."                                                                                               Careth Ellingson 1963 Saturday Review